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Pizzo dei Tre Signori

Pizzo dei Tre Signori

The Pizzo dei Tre Signori is a mountain (2,554 m) on the main ridge of the Orobian Alps, where it is located between the orographic furrows of Valtellina, Val Brembana and Valsassina.

It enjoys a particular “geographical” fame that the name recalls, being for centuries the geographical point of division between three different political jurisdictions: a time between the State of Milan, the Republic of Venice and the Canton of Grigioni in the Swiss Confederation, when it occupied the Valtellina, today between the Province of Sondrio, the Province of Lecco and the Province of Bergamo. The main slopes of the summit are those that descend towards the aforementioned valleys and have easy uphill routes, albeit long ones.

However, the most interesting is the one that reaches the top of the Valsassina side for the west ridge, presenting a little rocky pass equipped with chains called “Il Caminetto” just below the summit, which denotes its particular morphology. From the Valtellina side it is also a ski mountaineering destination, whose interest is mitigated by the length of the itinerary and the scarce general skiing. The peak frequented for almost all the year, offers a very vast and interesting panorama, remarkable above all on the Rhaetian peaks of the Masino and the Bernina, as well as towards the Bergamo valley furrows.

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