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The Piani d’Erna

The Piani d’Erna are a beautiful mountain town overlooking the city of Lecco.

As from a balcony, one can admire one of the most evocative views of Lake Como and its mountains. Through a splendid panorama it is possible to range from the Alps to Milan. Dominated by Resegone, with the characteristic jagged shape, they can be reached by cable car from Lecco which reaches them in a few minutes. They are a place of relaxation and fun, with different proposals for hiking for all seasons. There is also an Adventure Park able to welcome you with three different routes suited to your abilities. There is also a treadmill, serving a tubing track in summer and one for snow-tubing, bobsleighing and sledding during the winter.

At Piani d’Erna, there are many trekking routes. From the different ways of ascent to the floors, as an alternative to the cable car, to the paths to the summit of Mount Resegone, Passo del Fo, Mount Magnodeno and the Pizzo d’Erna via ferrata. There are several shelters as a point of support and refreshment. The Nature Trail is also interesting. It proposes a journey of discovery of the flora, fauna and landscape of the Piani d’Erna, with signs placed along the route.

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