Pian delle Betulle

In the municipality of Margno we find the Pian delle Betulle.

Reachable only by chairlift, this place has an uncontaminated environment, rich in woods, flora and fauna. During the summer it offers the possibility to follow numerous paths to climb up to Monte Cimone. But even in winter the offer is very rich, as this is the second most important ski resort in Lecco.
At the altitude there is a seater chairlift that serves a black track, the Morosoi and a red one: technical and fun tracks of alpine skiing even if not very long. From the arrival station of the chair lift a skilift leads to the summit of Monte Cimone (1801 m) and serves a blue runway; further downstream a treadmill serves the school field. The altitudes range from 1550 meters of the mountain station of the cableway to 1797 of Monte Cimone.

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