Palazzo Belgiojoso

Palazzo Belgiojoso, in the district of Castello di Lecco, is a valuable building of the late eighteenth century.

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Palazzo Belgiojoso

Palazzo Belgiojoso, in the district of Castello di Lecco, is a valuable building of the late eighteenth century, built by the Marquis Giacomo Locatelli, in the shape of a U that opens onto the inner garden, now a municipal park.

Later the Princes Belgiojoso d’Este became the owners of the building and made changes according to the indications of the architect Pollak. Finally in 1930 it was bought by the Soncino Press.

Entering from the entrance door you are greeted by a large porch with three arches on whose walls the remains of the seventeenth-century Spanish fort of Fuentes di Colico were placed and decorations and tombstones of some late medieval buildings in Lecco, demolished or modified in the past.

Today it has the typical appearance of an eighteenth-century palace and is home to a museum complex, composed of three different routes: the Historical Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Natural History Museum and you can visit them by purchasing a single ticket. The planetarium is also located inside the park.

  • The Historical Museum is concentrated in particular on the Resistance and the fascist period. It reports newspapers, photos and documents of the time, weapons and military uniforms, discovering an unexpected resistant and partisan Lecco.

  • The Archaeological Museum, highlights the Roman finds found in the area, mosaics, kits, with several rooms that preserve precious finds.
    Panels and exhibitions will catapult you into the past of our territory, making you relive the different historical periods from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages.

  • The Natural History Museum, with hundreds of stuffed animals, surrounded by the rarest species of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and insects, will seem to travel visiting unexplored landscapes and natural environments of the Lecco area. Worthy of mention is the hall of the Lariosaurus where the events of the fossil findings of the Lecco sauro are illustrated. Nine theme rooms will take you on an exciting journey.

The itinerary is completed by the presence of information sheets and digital material that replace a guide’s work very well.

Shedule Prices
From Tuesday to Friday: 9.30 am – 2.00 pm Single whole: € 6
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00 Single Reduced: € 4
Closed on Mondays, except for Easter Monday

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