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Elite property and property finder for international clients.

Individual approach and passion for Italy are the strengths of Palazzo Estate, an agency specializing in the sale of exclusive and luxury properties on the foreign market.

Classy properties, carefully selected in the most prestigious places of italy Palazzo Estate, located in via Fontana 1 in Como, is an Italian agency specialised in selling one-of-a-kind Italian properties to clients from Russia, Europe, Asia and Arab countries. The company, whose director is Marina Rizzotto, has its headquarters in Como, but also offices in Milan, Marina di Pietrasanta and Moscow. It has also agents in Switzerland and Kazakhstan. The company closely collaborates with top- ranked real estate agencies from all over the world, thus expanding the market for real estate promotion.

In our activity we organize the sale and negotiation of the selected properties in a professional way but we also offer to the future owner a wide range of postsale services that allow him to enjoy the exclusive property he has in the utmost comfort: management of the administrative and municipal aspects that accompany the possession and use of the property once acquired, organization of its possible redesign and renovation by local Italian masters and designers, preparation of the conditions for the commercial use of the property, legal advice and other services.


Property Finders is a real estate expert that consults customers with the aim of finding properties with the required characteristics to buy or to rent. Its goal is to analyze the interests of its customers and their specific and personalized requests, because every buyer is different. Trusting the Property Finders service allows you to have access to a huge quantity of properties available in the market. Actually, the consultant is able to access many different types of buildings, also coming from auctions, estate agents,architects, land surveyors and engineers.

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