Ossuccio Bell Tower

Small jewel church on the shores of Lake Como with a wonderful bell tower

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Ossuccio Bell Tower

Ossuccio Bell Tower… the unique bell tower standing in Ossuccio has become the symbol of Lake Como over the last few years.

World famous for its late Gothic steeple above the Romanesque stone belfry, it belongs to the church of Santa Maria Maddalena in Ospedaletto. Dated back to the 12th century, the building has endured until 2006, when a catastrophic twister damaged it irreparably making it necessary to restore it all.

The inside walls are rich in frescoes, as the one on the apsidal conch depicted constellations, together with some great scagliola works, typical art made by Intelvi Masters, as the penitent Santa Maria Maddalena one or the Giovio Family’s coat of arms.

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