Oro di Scozia

“From the first time I touched the ground of Scotland I was fascinated by the splendor of the islands, the landscapes so unusual as to seem unreal and the unspoiled nature. And then the exciting adventures of the clans, the story of a proud and combative people. I have long felt a deep attraction to Scotland, particularly after discovering that my origins lie, in part, in this country. At that point, I realized that nothing happens by chance.”

Oro di Scozia

These are the words of Ferdinando Viti who, together with his friend and partner Ulisse Soncini, founded Oro di Scozia in 2015 with the dream of spreading the culture, traditions and flavours of a country rich in history and legends.

The Oro di Scozia corner in via Zezio 32 in Como is a small world cheered up by the colours of the tartans and illuminated by the golden colour of the whisky where the sounds of Celtic music echo. A space that reproduces a Scottish atmosphere in every corner. Here you will find a selection of the best Scottish distilleries and breweries, but also scarves and bags, gift ideas and accessories strictly Made in Scotland. Handcrafted products created with passion and carefully researched to offer you the best.

But the dream does not end with the proposal of quality items: the magic continues with tastings, parties, events and concerts organized with the desire to involve you in an imaginary journey in this enchanting land.


Oro di Scozia – Lake Como Tourism


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