O Bag Store

Discover the beautiful O bag collections available in a wide range of colors.

Store original and fun, container of fashion accessories which is the masterpiece of the bag “ICON” and O clock, the first silicone watch with interchangeable cover, followed by O chive, O click and O sunglasses.
Thanks to the continuous desire to renew themselves, the O bag bags were born in exclusive EVA rubber, O bag mini, O pocket, O basket, the limited edition O split, the new O folder and O chic.
All products are available in a wide range of colors, are modular and with interchangeable accessories for complete customization.
The exclusive possibility of transforming the bag and all the accessories reflects the company’s philosophy, which aims to constantly design and create new products, unique and unrivaled with innovative materials.
We want to offer customers quality and uniqueness with a touch of design, typical of Italian tradition and culture.

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