Mount Magnodeno

He is in front of his majesty, King Resegone, to whom he is linked by the crest of the Giumenta. This top seems insignificant, but has an inviting personality.

The low altitude makes it accessible to everyone, while for the more experienced a beautiful loop ride will make the excursion even more interesting. Mount Magnodeno is often forgotten for the neighboring Resegone. It is a Manzonian peak, known and loved by Bergamo and Lecco people. It is enough to climb them to appreciate it immediately, both for the beautiful path and for the panoramas of rare beauty immersed in uncontaminated nature. A stretch of ridge, exposed and equipped, with various passages even in rather steep gullies, will allow us to reach the Magnodeno Bivouac and the nearby summit cross.

Monte Magnodeno
The top

The top of Mount Magnodeno is in a panoramic position over Lecco and its lakes. Panoramic shots don’t count! On a rose window at the foot of the cross are indicated the mountains, the places and the direction in which one must look. Around the bivouac there are some big tables and benches. At the highest point is the helicopter pad. On the side that looks towards the underlying Lecco has been placed a large cross seven meters high. In the surrounding meadows, surrounded by birch, beech and chestnut trees, there is a crucifix with a plaque on which a M.B.

“Here I am and here I remain, in contact with the bivouac, here in the middle of the beautiful meadow, I see the dawn rise, and the birds sing. This is how I sometimes wait in vain, for someone to lay a flower here by my side.”

The ridge

La ridge of the Giumenta is a classic excursion of the Lecco area. It is carried out in all seasons and in both directions without too many problems due to its ridge character. Despite the relative technical ease, it should not be lightly taken by inexperienced hikers or beginners. The exposure is continuous and for long stretches the ridge is very sharp. It gives directly onto steep grassy slopes dotted with spikes. A slip would definitely not be desirable.


Because of its territorial position, it was chosen as part of the events for the celebrations of the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rovinata and the related patronal feasts of Germanedo Belledo and Caleotto. The Runvinata is a race in the mountains, not competitive and open to all. Spread over three different routes. They depart from the last houses of the Lecco districts to reach the 1241mt of the Magnodeno and back.

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