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Mount Legnone

Mount Legnone rises isolated and imposing at the upper end of Lake Como and is the highest mountain in the Orobie Lecchesi.

Its summit, 2609 meters, with its pyramidal horn profile, is also visible from Brianza and Milan. Its top is, by far, among the most panoramic in the orobic chain: in this respect, it fears comparison only with the nearby and equally well-known Pizzo dei Tre Signori. Among the most severe and frequented peaks in the area, it offers itineraries suitable for everyone in the mid-altitude areas, with beautiful mountain pastures and shelters, while the routes to the summit are recommended for expert hikers.

The ascent to Mount Legnone can be done from various paths.

The most famous and beaten ascent route starts from Roccoli Lorla at the foot of Mount Legnoncino, which can be reached along the panoramic road that climbs up into the Val Varrone. In the summer it does not present great difficulties, while it is more challenging in winter, when ice and snow reserve the climb for the prepared hiker. During the ascent you will come across the Ca ’de Legn bivouac and not far from the Griera Refuge, in the homonymous village. Spectacular views from the summit that embraces most of the Central Alps and above all enjoy the view of Valtellina, Lake Como, the Grigne, Pizzo Tre Signori and Val Masino.

On the eastern side of the mountain, the military roads of the Cadorna Line are clearly visible. For reasons related to the first conflict, the Military Engineers began to build the mule track that from Dervio goes up the Valvarrone and then also kilometers of trenches, shelters, caves, barracks, pitches in the mountains, all defensive works that almost entirely concern the Orobic Pre-Alps, for protection against possible attacks from the North. The mule track, which at times was recovered in its original paved bottom, crosses the high pastures halfway up.

Up there where the pine region ends, among the wild leandri one meets the mountain rooster and an infinite species of birds, roccoli in every valley.

However, the systematic hunting has deprived the Legnone of its ancient lord, the bear, which shows itself here and there almost every year. But even so wounded, it remains as intriguing a mountain as ever.

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