Monza was a small village dependent on the nearby Milan.

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Monza was a small village dependent on the nearby Milan. It acquired prestige only at the end of the 5th century, thanks to Theodoric who, following the conquest of Milan, chose Monza as the seat of his palace.

Thanks to its strategic position, it would become one of the most important town of the Lombard Kingdom. At the end of the 13th century, the urban structure of the city was characterized by a strong concentration of conventual and monastic building.


The municipality chooses as its location the “Arengario” and in the next centuries, the city increases its administrative and religious independence from Milan.
The first testaments of the coronations of Italy king in Monza were in the 12th century, Federico I, The Barbarossa takes the city under his own protection and builds a new palace using the demolition material of the walls of Milan.From the 12th century, Monza went through a period of great economic and urban development. The most significant intervention, under the empire of the Sforza, was the construction of Duomo square and the Basilica of San Giovanni.

Between the end of 1700 and the beginning of 1800, the construction of the archducal Villa and the Park, wanted by Napoleon, give a new face to the city. In 1838 Monza was finally recognized as a city.

The presence of the Queen Margherita of Savoy in the Royal Villa, brought a renovation of the buildings of the city which were decorated with flowers and butterflies, typical of the Liberty Style.To visit are: the Reggia di Monza, Villino Strazza, Villa Margherita, la Cappella Espiatoria, Casa Paleari (the butterfly house), Casa Canzi, Casa Galbiati, Casa Ranzini, Casa Pessina e Casa Meregalli.

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