Marta Nava Physiotherapist

“I would like to introduce myself: my name is MARTA NAVA and I am a physiotherapist who works in Lecco.”

Graduated in 1998 at the school of “La Nostra Famiglia” of Bosisio Parini with honors; I worked for almost 10 years in the U.O. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the Bellano Hospital (hospital of Lecco) acquiring experience in the treatment of SERIOUS ACQUIRED CEREBRUSHES OF ADULT and in the main important related disabilities: DISPHIA (with attention also to the senile involutive phase) and NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS for which I attended courses of specialization and obtained qualifying qualification for the specific treatment.

I also dealt with:

Orthopedic diseases as a result of surgical and degenerative operations;

  • serious diseases affecting the VERTEBRAL COLUMN (example, whiplash, trauma cervicalgia, pathology of the intervertebral disc) with particular attention to the PAIN OF THE GENTIAN WOMAN);
  • Lymphatic pathology (edema) of lower limbs and upper limb also following the removal of tumors (lymphedema post-exeresis in the various sites), edema mixed with VASCULAR PATHOLOGY in the lower limbs;
  • DEGENERATIVE NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES (prevention and treatment of complications) eg M. DI PARKINSON, COREA DI HUNTINGTON.

The treatments of these diseases also use the use (when possible) of the following physical therapies:

  • Tecar® therapy


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