Mama Gina

Mama GinaWhen you are part of your history of your tradition, when you leave from afar, when you think of your land, when you see the colors and smell the scents that surrounded you as a child, when your grandmother Gina prepared fresh pasta, when you were there. When you proudly bear her name, you understand them that you must leave a trace of who you are.”  Gina

At MamaGina let be welcomed by a familiar and elegant atmosphere.

Relax and regenerate yourself with a breakfast, lunch, aperitif or dinner in front the breathtaking lake view. Enjoy the taste of traditional local dishes, local slices and cheeses, rustic tagliatelle, polenta, salads and homemade cakes.
Make the experience even more special by walking to the romantic terrace of the Volta Lighthouse, from which the sunset is unforgettable.



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