Leonardo’s itinerary

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo’s itineraryLeonardo was an expert naturalist – mountaineer scientist and engineer and he drew inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of Lake Como for his great masterpieces.

In Lombardy, a special itinerary has been created for the occasion linking Milan with San Bernardino in Switzerland, travelling through the places that the Master visited and cited in both his works and Codex. This is the part of the route that involves the territory of Lake Como. 

Leonardo’s itinerary

It starts in MILAN and follows the beautiful Martesana cycle path, which runs along Adda River, all the way to Trezzo sull’Adda. From here we proceed towards IMBERSAGO.

This stretch of river inspired Leonardo who reproduced the three spurs of rock that emerge from the waters on the background of the painting of the Virgin of the Rocks. Also in this part of the itinerary, you can admire the locks of the Paderno Canal, inspired by Leonardo’s project, designed to make this stretch of river navigable. In Imbersago there is “Il traghetto di Leonardo” (Leonardo’s ferry), a particular type of hand-held ferry that joins together the piers of Imbersago and Villa D’Adda, placed within the Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo da Vinci. There is no absolute certainty that this specimen was invented by Leonardo, but there is evidence of several studies that he completed on the project during the period he worked with Ludovico Il Moro.

Continuing along the route, we reach LECCO, a city overlooking Lake Como. The famous Ponte Vecchio seems to be the backdrop to one of the most famous paintings of the artist: La Gioconda.

From Lecco you can continue towards Valsassina, visiting the Caves of Laorca and taking some hikes in Grigne Natural Park, Leonardo’s first ascents on Lake Como mountains or you can follow the Wayfarer’s Path as well, in a northerly direction towards Colico. This ancient path crosses several villages visited by Leonardo. He was very fascinated by the town of FIUMELATTE, where one of the shorter river in Italy flows, also mentioned in his Codex Atlanticus, by Bellano and its mysterious Orrido as well as Piona where he visited the beautiful Abbey, recalled in the Last Supper with its bell tower. The route continues towards COLICO, crosses the VALCHIAVENNA and reaches SWITZERLAND.

The itinerary can be divided into several stages and allows you to observe the places and the ancient streets that Maestro Leonardo crossed more than 500 years ago.

Itinerario Leonardesco – Lake Como Tourism

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