L’Atelier di Salvatore Bognanni


Via Don Davide Canali, 27 – 23892 Bulciago LC Italy

Tel:+39 031874403
Email: hairbognanni@gmail.com

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L’Atelier di Salvatore Bognanni

Hair stylist

“Bognanni”, an excellence in the field of wellness.

Salvatore boasts a long training course at the best academies in Milan, including that of Aldo Coppola, which led him to specialise in the most advanced cutting techniques. He has a wealth of experience built up over the years with dedicated commitment, which has enabled him to keep abreast of the constant changes and progress linked to personal well-being and Hair Style, until he became a stylist and teacher at the world’s biggest cosmetics brands.

In fact, it is experience, passion, research and inspiration that have led him to become a leader in Brianza for his unique, sought-after and always cutting-edge style. An excellence in the Hair Style field with collaborations in the television world, Salvatore was the official Hair Style of the X Factor for several editions, where his professionalism was appreciated by the entire team.

The staff, with their high level of technical and stylistic preparation, bring added value to the atelier. The staff assigned to aesthetics is highly qualified, offering basic and advanced services that are constantly being updated. It specialises in Ayurveda: massages and body treatments. The whole team works together to offer a look designed for each individual client, satisfying every need and making it suitable for every occasion.

Salvatore Bognanni

Working hours

  • Sunday and Monday: Closed

  • Tuesday Thursday Friday:
    08.30 – 19.30

  • Wednesday: 13.30 – 22.00

  • Saturday: 08.30 – 18.30

Salvatore Bognanni

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