Lasco and Parlasco

Parlasco – borgo affrescato

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Lasco and Parlasco

Lasco and Parlasco – Located at 680 m above sea-level, in the Northern Grigna area, Parlasco is one of the smallest town in Italy.

As taking part in a treasure hunt, you may retrace all the 14 frescoes deployed in town and depicting the story of Lasco the Bandit, who used to be a kind benefactor and Lord of Marmoro at day, while at night he scared people all around the Valley.

The novel written by A. Balbiani in 1881 is set in the late 17th century, in the wonderful scenario of the Northern Grigna and its Pizzi di Parlasco peaks. You may also find a board game and a children’s book based on Lasco and its interesting story both available for sale.

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