It is an excellent starting point for trekking and walking.

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The small town of Laglio is located on the western branch of Lake Como. It is divided into the two centers of Laglio and Torriggia and is located in the narrowest lake in the Como branch.

The village of Laglio has Roman origins. Since then it housed military and customs garrisons, as evidenced by the ancient tower of Torriggia. The very name of Laglio derives from the name of the Roman commander Lallius. But in Laglio there is much more to do and above all to see. Not far from the town, in the hamlet of Torriggia, is the so-called Bear Hole. It is a karst cave hundreds of meters deep and with three underground ponds. The curious name derives from the discovery of the fossil bones of the Ursus Speleus, the cave bear that lived during the Quaternary period. Of a different kind, but equally interesting, is the pyramid of Joseph Frank. It is a bizarre funerary monument about twenty meters high erected in the nineteenth century by his father.

Very beautiful churches are also found in Laglio.

In the square of Laglio we find the church of San Giorgio built on the foundations of an older church. The church preserves ancient and precious stuccos of the century. XVIII by Stefano Salterio, native artist of Laglio. San Bartolomeo in Torriggia is built in the ‘700. It contains among other things a valuable wooden statue of the saint and Saint Jerome of Germanello. The last is a dome-shaped temple that marks the end point of the fourteen chapels of the Via Crucis that rise from the shore of the lake. The town is an excellent starting point for walks along the lake and on the surrounding hills. From the hills you can admire a panorama of rare beauty.

The slopes that overlook the town are rich in villas, vineyards, olive groves and laurel trees. Laurino oil, famous for its medicinal qualities, was once extracted from these plants.


After decades of splendid anonymity, Laglio acquired a certain notoriety when the famous actor George Clooney bought the historic Villa Oleandra, making it his summer residence. From that moment the small village of Lake Como has in fact become a destination for fans, paparazzi and simple onlookers. At this point the municipal council had to approve an ad hoc regulation for the protection of the privacy of Clooney and his guests.

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