La Zia Berta Farmhouse

Farm where you can taste homemade dishes with a fantastic view of the lake

Zia Berta is a small agritouristic farm born from the love for nature and the good cuisine of the owner, Giulia Bertarini, existing in the Lecco area since 12 October 2012. Zia Berta is a family business. You will find a small breeding of goats, two donkeys, animals of low court, cultivation of vegetables and fruit, aromatic herbs. In the farm we turn fruits and vegetables into delicious preserves and jams, which can be consumed in the traditional way or accompanied by cheese, meat, used to prepare excellent bruschetta. Goat’s milk becomes tasty fresh cheese and yogurt, with aromatic herbs we produce our salt aromas. Buckwheat combined with crabmeal flour turns into excellent flour for polenta and beyond.
The farm, located in Olcio Mandello del Lario in the locality of Saioli, was born in November 2014. The lake view is breathtaking, with the possibility of trekking and enjoy a landscape suitable for those who love photography.
With us you can taste and enjoy homemade and carefully prepared dishes with care and passion. You will also have the opportunity to participate, by appointment, in educational activities suitable for adults and children.

We are waiting for you!

Opening time
From Monday to Saturday
On reservation


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