La Fiorida Restaurant


Street Lungo Adda, 12 – 23016 Mantello, SO Italy

Tel. +39 0342680846

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La Fiorida Restaurant

La Fiorida Restaurant

A cuisine made of emotions!

La Fiorida is a unique reality that stands out for its vocation for short supply chains, from the land to the table, respecting animal welfare and tradition.

We raise our own cows, goats and pigs, process meat and cheese and grow vegetables and small fruits. The dishes offered in the restaurants can therefore only be the logical result of careful and accurate processing of raw materials.

La Preséf

Just as spring bursts into our lives with arrogance and an explosion of blooms, so La Fiorida launched its new restaurant.
In March 2011, after a long period of preparation, kitchen studies and fine-tuning of the service, we finally opened the Ristorante delle Emozioni, which we christened La Preséf (the manger) in Valtellina dialect.

La Preséf is in the heart of a real farm, where an ancient culture is handed down, which today becomes sustainability in form and substance. The dedication with which we take care of our animals guarantees the well-being of the animals raised and the quality of the products used in the kitchen.

The Four Seasons Restaurant

“The slow rhythms of the countryside are the best occasion for lunch with friends.”

The genuine fragrances of the carefully prepared traditional cuisine can be discovered in the a la carte menus, traditional menus, vegetarian menus, theme evenings, buffets, working lunches and vitality menus dedicated to well-being. A careful selection of the main exponents of Valtellina’s heroic viticulture is on the menu.

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