La Fiorida


La Fiorida is set in a wonderful landscape, surrounded by greenery and just a few kilometres from Lake Como, offering a short supply chain project that is unique in Europe. Ten hectares is the extension on which our activities take life:

  • The agricultural part and the breeding with 200 Bruna Alpina cows.
  • The production and retail part, where it is possible to visit the dairy and see our cheesemakers at work and where you can buy genuine products made using traditional techniques.
  • The farmhouse with 29 rooms in wood and stone The La Preséf Restaurant.
  • 1 Michelin Star and the Quattro Stagioni Restaurant, where chef Gianni Tarabini offers traditional Valtellina dishes.
  • The La Fiorida Farm&Beauty Wellness Centre.
  • The didactic farm, where our knowledge is passed on to the children


The didactic staff welcomes you with a short story about the La Fiorida Project, before taking you on a visit to the dairy, the greenhouses, the vegetable gardens and the breeding of cows, pigs and goats. The visit ends at the sales outlet, where you can buy good farm produce, possibly requesting vacuum packing.

The Fiorida is open every day, including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The shop is open every day, all year round, from 8.00 to 19.30, all day long.

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