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Professional tattoo parlor – Tattoo Marker Artist since 1993.

Jo Lissoni started tattooing in 1993, always passionate about drawing and painting. His education is artistic and still today he paints, decorates and illustrates not only the skin. In 2008 he worked for two months in the American studio of Ed Sheffard at the Diversified Ink Tattoo in Bar Harbor (Maine). With her there are Peter Lavigne, Jaime Santos and Phillip Spearman.
In 2010 he started tattooing in Lugano at the Voodoo Tattoo Club. In 2015 he inaugurated the Kennedy Tattoo Saloon in Chiasso. He takes part in numerous Italian and international Tattoo Conventions in Lucca, Pisa, Bolzano, Geneva, Lugano, Manchester, Dortmund and Frankfurt. He works at the XII Tattoo Studio Gallery in Edinburgh.
He leaves Ticino in 2017 and returns to Italy where he opens his studio JO LISSONI TATTOO in Mandello del Lario in Parodi 34 Street  which opens on October 15th.

Coming from the “old school”, Jo Lissoni, even if he loves the Watercolour style that he gladly offers, does not tattoo a particular style, managing to satisfy all his clients. Follow and admire artists like L’OISEAU. She loves tattooing flowers, female and animal faces and she enjoys making small tattoos with the manual technique of the microblade. It specializes in COVER UP of old tattoo and in the camouflage of old scars and imperfections.

In 2014 he began to devote himself to aesthetic micropigmentation obtaining excellent results in the realization of permanent makeup and MICROBLADING. He constantly attends refresher courses prepared by the best micropigmentists of Eastern Europe to keep up with the most innovative techniques coming from this area which is the excellence of the sector.

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