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J. and. C. Cosmetici


Via Oltrecolle, 32 – 22100 Como, CO Italy

Tel: +39 031281569
Cell: +39 3397859373

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J. AND. C. Cosmetici

J. AND. C. Cosmetici

Sericin-based cosmetic products.

Sericin-based cosmetic products.

Luxury Silk Style is the new and luxurious beauty line created by J.AND.C. Cosmetici in the area of Lake Como.

It is a revolutionary conception, bearing Giada Mieli’s signature, owner of the unique plant in the whole world capable of extracting – from silk threads of choice only – the best Integral Sericin, entirely manufactured in Italy. Luxury Silk Style, the luxury tradition behind silk, long kept among the secrets to glowing skin in Ancient East Asia, is a reality, now.

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