“Professional repair of computers, tablets and smartphones of different brands”

At our help center you can request your quote for the repair of tablets and smartphones of different brands.
Usually in stock are available accessories and spare parts for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Galaxy. But not only: if it were a smartphone / tablet not widely used, you can still request the availability of spare parts at the warehouse of one of our suppliers.
We also repair other products such as Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro with original and / or high quality compatible parts. Repairs are possible on tablets and smartphones (touchscreen replacement, touchpad, LCD display, glass, vibracall, audio jacks, contact cleaning, battery charger problems, etc.).

Warning! Remember that before you bring your computer / laptop or smartphone in repair, you are asked to backup your data. In case it is not possible to do it because the computer does not turn on or stop, you can request this type of service from our laboratory.

We are NOT responsible for any loss of your data.

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