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Il Sereno Hotel


Via Torrazza, 10 – 22020 Torno, CO Italy

Tel. +39 0315477800
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The Sereno Hotel is the embodiment of elegance and luxury.

Aredato from the inspiration of Patricia Urquiola, and with the lake at his feet, Il Sereno is the embodiment of elegance and luxury. Il Sereno gives life to a new era of luxury on the banks of the characteristic Lake Como. Winner of the “Hotel at the Avant-garde of the New Luxury” opened in 2016 entrusted to him by the magazine “Luxury Travel Advisor”. The philosophy of the understated elegance of the Hotel Il Sereno spreads an air of freshness to this now well-established destination.

All the hotel suites, designed by Patricia Urquiola, awarded by the magazine “Wallpaper” * as Designer of the year 2015, guarantee a modern style and an authentic elegance, all enclosed in the most natural comfort. This Lake Como hotel blends the incomparable beauty of the lake in its exclusive design with panoramic views from every corner of the imposing structure. The 30 spacious rooms, ranging from 65 m2 with the 200 m2 Penthouse, enjoy full natural light and breathtaking views with floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the tranquil coastline.

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