Herbalist Ortica

Historical herbalist specialized in nutrition and natural health.

Erboristeria orticaHistorical herbalist in Lecco since 1974, has been able to adapt over time to the needs of customers in the field of nutrition and natural health. In a warm and welcoming environment, Marcella and Silvia, with professionalism and listening skills, are able to respond to your needs.

We offer advice on:

  • emotional balance with the use of bach flowers;
  • herbal medicine, aromatherapy;
  • personalized herbal teas;
  • nutrition.

From us you can find:

  • essential oils;
  • herbs and infusions;
  • natural cosmetics;
  • bach flowers;
  • organic food;
  • various natural supplements and even some gift ideas.


Our mission is to lead the person to a deeper awareness of their well-being.

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