Herba Monstrum Brewery

Herba Monstrum Brewery


Our project starts in 2012 from the love for Beers, the ones with a capital B and with an A of craft. Original beers, alive, not pasteurized. Beers in which the raw materials are treated with care and not diminished by the processes of big industry.

To date we produce nine types of high fermentation beers. We entrust the production of the recipes we create to qualified breweries, following every production step. The beer produced follows the cold chain and is stored in our refrigerated warehouse to ensure the highest levels of quality and freshness.

Our project has grown and in 2014 we opened HERBA MONSTRUM BREWERY, a craft brewery where you can taste sought after hamburgers and local products. We pay particular attention to the food we offer in our premises, using selected raw materials, mainly from local realities. The bread we use has been specially designed for our hamburgers and is produced by our trusted baker with durum wheat and buckwheat flour, wheat germ and olive oil.

We use chopped beef, fresh from the day. We also make two different mixtures for the vegan and vegetarian proposals on our menu. Many of the sauces that you find in the burger are made in our kitchen.

We believe that beer, besides being a vast world to explore, is a social and versatile drink, to be enjoyed alone or in combination with excellent food.

A good beer is pure passion, of who creates it, who produces it and who drinks it!


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