Gruppo Colzani Immobiliare


Via Bernardo Lietti, 7 – 22060 Carimate, CO Italy

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Gruppo Colzani Immobiliare

Gruppo Colzani Immobiliare

Gruppo Immobiliare di Colzani Thomas.

Gruppo Colzani Immobiliare di Colzani Thomas is a F.I.M.A.-registered real estate agency specializing in the brokerage of high-end properties.

We promote prestigious properties for an international clientele by managing the sale of properties throughout the country with Italian and international clients. Our group was founded with the idea of providing a professional and high-level service, attentive to the needs of prominent clients and able to ensure strong expertise and professionalism.

It is our strong passion for the real estate industry that drives us to constant growth and a constant search for exclusive properties to be placed on the market in order to offer our international buyers exclusive and high-end properties.

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The prestigious properties advertised by Gruppo Colzani Immobiliare di Colzani Thomas are in fact the result of a ‘careful evaluation, in compliance with high quality standards in order to identify and offer a range of unique products that can satisfy a particular market segment that seeks in buying prestigious properties.

Gruppo Colzani Immobiliare di Colzani Thomas offers a valuable consulting support: thanks to the collaboration with GRUPPO M.C. SERVICE, a family company specialized in construction, renovation and plant engineering, we manage urban, cadastral and administrative aspects of the properties entrusted to us in order to resolve any inconsistencies and technical aspects.

For each service made available to the client, whether owner or buyer, Gruppo Colzani Immobiliare di Colzani Thomas guarantees the utmost seriousness and confidentiality in order to ensure absolute privacy.

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