Giovanna Torresin

Born in Usmate-Velate, Giovanna Torresin, today operates in her studio in Lomagna, in the province of Lecco.

Giovanna Torresin

After classical studies she attended the Brera Academy in Milan, starting her expositive activity in 1995, until today she became an established artist in the Italian scene, with several solo and group exhibitions.
In the early installations Giovanna Torresin demonstrates all the character of her research.
Immediately a theme is imposed: the constraint of the existence of every day, the lacerating dichotomy between the apparent security of habits and social rules and the affirmation of the self, of one’s individuality.
From the installations to the photos, the passage is short. The artist chooses photography because she offers it a means to make an idea visible. For its part, however, there is no specific attention to photography as an artistic language: it is a means of making visible the dizzying journeys in the body and in the existence undertaken each day by the artist.


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