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Gian Battista Todeschini

Gian Battista Todeschini was an Italian painter.

Gian Battista Todeschini born in Lecco in 1857, he briefly attended Brera where he had Pompeo Mariani among his companions, with whom he remained in contact throughout his life, but his was essentially a self-taught formation. Granddaughter of Antonio Stoppani, he made an intense portrait in 1890, exhibited today in the council hall of the City of Lecco.

A source of inspiration for most of his painting was the Valsassina who elected to his homeland and which left us scenes of everyday life that always manage to redeem himself from the sketches thanks to the sensitivity and introspective capacity of the painter. A genre painting, perhaps, but of remarkable quality and suffused with authentic poetry and above all a range of humble subjects far removed from the historicist and paludated painting of many of his contemporaries.
He was also a skilled landscape artist and he left us numerous views in the Lecco area.

He died in Milan in 1938. His sons Piero (1888-1945) and Lucio (1892-1969) were also appreciated painters; to the first we owe many views of Valsassina and to the second many glimpses of Milan, of remarkable quality.

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