Gera Lario

Gera Lario is located at far end of the norther branch of Lake Como.

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Gera Lario

Gera Lario is located at the far end of the northern branch of Lake Como; it rises on the mouth of the river Mera and at the foot of the mountain Montemezzo.

Nearby we find the Pian di Spagna, a large swampy area, a protected nature reserve in Lombardy. Over the years, traces of Roman settlements and archaeological remains have been found, including the inscription with the engraving of the name “Aneuniates”. In these areas, there was the Roman village of Olonium, one of the most important towns of the lake, a crossroads to reach the Alpine passes and Northern Europe.

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Gera Lario is today a very tourist town. There are many accommodation facilities such as Hotels, equipped beaches, restaurants etc. In the square of the town, there is the church of Nostra Signora di Fatima, built after the plague of 1630 and later renamed as Santuario dei Pescatorio d’Italia. On the “Strada Regina” is located another important and ancient Church: the Church of San Vincenzo.

At the entrance of the tourist port, we find a lighthouse, erected in 1957, in memory of the disastrous flood of 8 August 1951, when the San Vincenzo River flooded and the waters swept the village, causing 17 victims.

Thanks to the splendid location and constant winds, the waters of Gera Lario are perfect for sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. The cycle paths connect the town with the surrounding municipalities and there are plenty of possibilities for trips and excursions in the mountains near the town.

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