Festa delle Corti

The festival of the Courts takes place at the beginning of September in the town of Garlate.  It is a unique event that attracts every year thousands of people

A celebration appreciated for its unique context, rich in history and charm: the streets, squares and courtyards of Garlate that open for two days, revealing their often hidden beauty and hosting exhibitions and events for all tastes .
This year we wanted to emphasize the original spirit of the Festa delle Corti, to enhance the roots, the history and traditions of Garlate and of our territory. We therefore wanted to give ample space to ancient crafts, artisans, popular and dialectal songs, local products and traditional markets. At the Civico Museo della Seta Abegg, open with guided tours, it is also possible to discover the silkworm breeding and the extraordinary life of the worms that give rise to such a precious thread, which until a few decades ago represented the livelihood of the local peasant families.
Of course there is no shortage of refreshment points along the path where to stop for a deserved and greedy stop and entertainment for the little ones! Because the secret of the success of the Festa delle Corti is also this: to offer leisures and attractions for all age groups and for all types of visitors.
A success that would not be such without the fundamental collaboration of the Library Commission, of all the associations, of the volunteers and the owners of the courts, who enthusiastically support the Municipal Administration in the organization and to which we sincerely thank.


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