Dream Caffe

Delicious breakfasts and a good choice of croissants and pastry products

If a good morning can be seen in the morning, come to us to drink a cappuccino! Dream Cafe staff like to give their customers moments of pause from work, stress and a thousand daily commitments. The careful selection of coffee has led to the choice of one of the best: Illy 100% arabica, official sponsor of EXPO Milano 2015.

It offers delicious breakfasts with a good selection of fresh croissants and confectionery products. For the lunch break offers:

  • Sandwiches
  • Piadinas
  • Toast
  • Fresh ready meals
  • Salads

Rich aperitifs in a joyful company of friends. Dream Caffè offers the best football, the Champions League and the whole series A.
Sure to welcome you with our most sincere friendliness and sympathy.

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