Doppio Malto


Piazza S. Fedele, 30 – 22100 Como CO, Italy

Tel. + 39 0318122940

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Doppio Malto

Beer, cuisine and happiness!

Beer, cuisine and happiness! These are the words that describe the entire world of Doppio Malto, an Italian brewery founded in Erba and now with 26 restaurants in Italy and abroad. Among the new, very recent openings is a return home with Doppio Malto Como, open every day for lunch and dinner in the splendid Piazza San Fedele in the city centre.

Doppio Malto is “a happy place”, as the slogan says, where you can spend time with your family and friends for lunch, dinner or an aperitif. And not just to quench your thirst (there are more than 14 beers on offer), but also your hunger: the highlight, of course, is grilled meat and burgers, but also pasta and beer-based specialities such as free-range cockerel grilled and glazed with Honey Ipa beer, honey and spices and the famous Birramisù. But vegetarians and celiacs have no reason to feel excluded: the menu offers tasty dishes for all palates, without meat, such as burgers with beans and crispy vegetables or corn and smoked provola, and gluten-free, such as Super Chiara, a gluten-free lager with low fermentation, light, intense aromas and herbaceous notes.

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