Domaso rises at the mouth of the Livio torrent, in the area of ​​the upper Lario Occidentale.

The municipality is composed of an ancient village on the lake shore and two fractions Pozzuolo and Gaggio. Domaso enjoys a particularly mild climate, constantly ventilated by the Breva, for this characteristic it is considered one of the privileged places for the practice of water sports, both sailing and windsurfing. In the ancient cellars of Domaso the rare Domasino wine is still produced, the vineyards are located in Pozzuolo and Gaggio, it is a white wine, already appreciated in Roman times, whose production does not exceed two thousand bottles.

The church of San Bartolomeo, built in the 16th century, is worth a visit. Inside we find frescoes by the Ligari and the Silva, the tomb of Luigi Panizza governor of the Fort of Fuentes, buried here in 1639 and a Pietà from the Rodari school; to remember also the sanctuary of the Madonna of the Snow, erected in the ‘600 for a vote of the heads of heads in a period of plague.

Among the villas of Domaso we point out Villa Miani, built at the beginning of the 19th century by the painter Vasquez and later belonged to General Miani, conqueror of Libya; then Villa Camilla built by the nobles of Calderara in the 1600s, now the Town Hall, with frescoed ceilings and a beautiful garden where there are many varieties of camellias, cedars and conifers. Domaso, from an ancient fishing village, has over time become the most hospitable center of the Upper Lake, rich in campsites and equipment to welcome tourists, knowing how to keep intact the characteristics of its past history.

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