Dolores Previtali

Dolores Previtali

Dolores Previtali born in Bergamo in 1949 but grew up in Calusco d’Adda, the country of origin of the family; she then moved to Robbiate, where she still operates. She gained significant experiences under the guidance of the painter Antonio Manzoni who encouraged her to sculpture and became his teacher.
She made her debut with a solo show in 1993 and her path continues with continuity in exhibitions at Italian galleries and exhibition spaces, as well as with the participation in international group shows.
The early works of Dolores, although still linked to a traditional figuration, let us already guess what her journey will be. They are female figures with skeletal bodies placed in prayer, bent by pain, close to their children or closed in their tormented solitude.
Her works are often of almost unbearable tragedy, which leave no hope, transmitting a suffering that strikes deep in the viewer leaves the emptiness of his impotence.
The intrinsic pain in the works of Previtali, however, is not without hope. With the passage of time, and especially in her works from 2005 to today, the sense of solidarity, of the choral research of a ransom, prevails over every form of pain.
The Pathos of early works gives way to lyricism and poetry.

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