Dervio is a village that, since Roman times, was considered strategic due to its location linking Milan to Valtellina.

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Dervio is a village that, since Roman times, was considered strategic due to its location linking Milan to Valtellina.

In fact in the area traces of ancient Gallo-Roman civilizations have been found. It rises on a point stretching over Lake Como, lying on the delta of the Varrone stream. The long-range lake, the numerous beaches and a landscape full of greenery offer a moment of relaxation and light-heartedness. The mountains surrounding Dervio offer many opportunities for hiking and walking, such as those that lead to the Bellano and Nogara shelters. For the more daring, there are excursions to Mount Legnone and Mount Legnoncino in places that are still unspoiled with breathtaking views. On the lakeside promenade we can admire the neoclassical dock designed and built by the famous architect Luigi Cagnola.

Economic progress

Over the years, it has had rapid economic development, in particular, as regards tourism. Thanks to the winds, the Breva and the Tivano, which cool the climate, Dervio is an ideal Italian destination for those who love sailing and surfing. Its numerous sailing clubs and international events have also allowed the development of various accommodation facilities, thus gaining the title of sailing paradise.

The territory of Dervio contains precious historical works.

At the foot of the mountain you can visit the Church of San Quirico and Giulitta with a stone bell tower in Romanesque style dated 1080. Originally it was a private oratory, built at the end of the 8th century. The church was mentioned for the first time in Rotprando’s will, written on 3 March 814.

To see in Dervio also the remains of the ancient Castelvedro, dating back to the 5th century, which let us imagine the glorious glories of the past. It was also one of the most magnificent fortifications in the center.

A glimpse that remains imprinted and is one of the most striking is the Casa Dei Magni which overlooks Cavour Square. It has the characteristic layout of patrician houses and is embellished by an internal four-sided portico. The external portal instead sees the Gothic and Renaissance style together in a truly remarkable mix.

We report the church dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. It is located in the village of Dervio a few steps from the shores of Lake Como. It rises unexpectedly in front of you, when it lights up from the beautiful lakeside in an old part of Dervio.

The Orezia tower is located in the Castello district. It is located at the top of a small promontory overlooking the town. You can climb to the top and enjoy a splendid view. Below the tower, for trekking lovers, passes the Sentiero del Viandante.

A must for those visiting these places is Corenno Plinio, a fraction of Dervio. The village is made up of very close-to-each other houses, which offer glimpses of the lake and make it all very suggestive. It is one of the areas of Lake Como, which makes taking a dip into the past.

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