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Davide Van De Sfroos

Davide Van De Sfroos, pseudonym of Davide Bernasconi is an Italian singer-songwriter, guitarist and writer. The pseudonym Van De Sfroos means to go to the point, they go smuggling. Bernasconi spends the first four years of his life in the Triante district of Monza. His family then moved to Mezzegra on Lake Como.

Il laghée

Here begin the first musical experiences in the various groups and as a soloist, to form the De Sfroos, a group that begins elaborating some texts in imitation English, Italian and Lombard in its laghée variant. It is the original use of the Como variant of the Lombardy region for the lyrics of their songs that immediately lead them to success. Becoming the musical symbol of Como, the group is known throughout Italy and in Canton Ticino where a dialect similar to the laghée is spoken and in any case intelligible by speakers of Lombard, obtaining a moderate success. Then the group melts.

He publishes his first book and the following year he returns to the music scene with the Van De Sfroos Band, an ideal continuation of the previously closed project and since then several albums, all more or less successful. Despite his numerous political labels, he has always kept himself away from the parties by declaring himself “politically atheist”. His songs speak of the common people, Il minatore di Frontale, la balera, Pulenta e galena fregia, e semm partìì, la ballata del cimino, l‘omm de la tempesta, of the lake and its spirit, tell the life of all days of the countries bordering the lake of Como, so much as to give him, among others, the honorary citizenship of Schignano for his song El carnevaal de Schignan and to have spread the tradition of the ancient carnival of the intel vese country throughout Italy.

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