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Where does the name of the city of Lecco derive from?

Well we also derive from the Celts! Or at least the name of our city. It seems that the ancient name of Lecco was “Lech” or “Loch” and only during the dominion of Julius Caesar was transformed into the Latin “Leucum”.

Did you know that

The ghosts, the famous socks, were invented in Lecco by brothers Fabio and Marco Dodesin in 1994.

How many churches are there in Lecco? 

Italy, the people of poets saints and navigators … certainly Lecco is a land of saints! only in the city there are 60 churches!

Precious Lecco…

On the 100,000 lire bill issued between 1967 and 1974 stood out the image of the writer Alessandro Manzoni and on the back of the banknote you could see a glimpse of the city of Lecco.

Lecco and the Guiness of the Primates 

In 2013 Lecco entered the Guinness Book of Records for hosting the longest football match: 36 hours! the players involved were 1023 with the support even of Juventus and Inter all for a charity initiative.

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