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Como Lake Perfumes

Como Lake Perfumes

A collection of five perfumes.

A collection of five perfumes evoking the magical atmosphere of Lake Como and the life moments it offers. When creating the COMO LAKE perfume brand, Celso Fadelli, who has thirty years of experience in curating and creating successful art perfumery projects, drew his inspiration from the scents of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Five essences, each linked to a particular emotion that accompanies romantic days at the lake, all with the intent to reproduce the magical sensations that the lake generously gives us. Each of the fragrances offers a different olfactory accord, reflecting nuances designed to evoke special moments.

The collection includes a ‘Kiss in the Rain’ – Bacio Nella Pioggia, in which mint and eucalyptus mix with fir balsam, geranium, and rose, ending with base notes of Canadian pine, cedar wood, and Peruvian balsam. A scent that reminds us of the intensity of the undergrowth’s ozonated smell. It is a love encounter, during which two lovers meet again after endless days apart, running towards each other’s embrace and kissing fervently, without realising that they are soaked in the rain. A magical moment, in which both lovers lose touch with their surroundings.

The collection continues with ‘Nocturn’ – Notturno, marked by pink pepper, orange blossom, rose, cinnamon, and myrrh, embraced with oud, amber, and vanilla. A scent dedicated to the moment in which the sun sets and humidity rises, as the night’s mystery reflects itself in the lake.

The collection also includes ‘Notes of Love’ – Note d’Amore , a mesmerizing fragrance with jasmine and orange, honeysuckle and cardamon, plum and a sweet chocolate accord. At its base tobacco, vanilla, and a hint of oud.

COMO LAKE also offers us ‘Another Summer’ – Un’Altra Estate a storm of freshness marked by lemon, mint, lily of the valley, and orange blossom, with a heart of cardamom and vetiver, thyme, patchouli, and white cedar wood. This scent’s feeling is strong, like those we would experience while enjoying new holidays at the lake, meeting friends and acquaintances under the Sun.

Finally, there is the ‘Silence’ – Silenzio, a mixture of sage, yerba-mate, rose, mandarin, and white jasmine, fused with iris, kashmiri tonca bean, musk, and amber, recalling the scent of the lake’s breeze.

Like in all the well-known fragrance curator’s projects, here nothing is left to chance. The blue and green shades of the bottle reminisce the lake’s water, with degrading shades, from darker ones recalling the depths of the lake’s basin and emerald tones becoming increasingly lighter, ultimately culminating in transparency. Concentric incisions on the round, white stone-based cap recall the circles that form on the lake’s surface when we through pebbles at it during moments of reflection. The top of the cap is decorated with the distinctive shape of Lake Como when seen from above, engraved in refined and shimmering gold. If they wish, customers can also customize the bottle.

This dreamy collection is the result of a long and careful research process led by Celso Fadelli, who strongly felt that Lake Como deserved a fragrance brand of its own, with an International vision and offering visitors the possibility to name and bring home some of the emotions they felt while visiting the lake.

Celso Fadelli’s talent has been expressed in countless research perfumery projects, all with the mission of shifting awareness and attention back to the quality that characterises Italian projects and craftsmanship. To reflect the truth of its story, the COMO LAKE brand is a Made in Como, yet it is now distributed and appreciated in over thirty countries worldwide.

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