Church of Saint Mary

The church of Saint Mary, with a single nave, has two side chapels on each side, the chapels of the Baptistery and the Crucifix on the left, that of Santa Monica and the chapel called “dei Genovesi” on the right.

The complex of the church of Saint Mary, from 1708, consists of the church, with a single nave with a presbytery and rectangular side chapels and a bell tower, located between the church and the parish house. On the left side of the façade there is an arch that connects the church with the neighboring house and on the right side of the church is the parish house. The buildings are made of a stone wall, which in the case of the bell tower is exposed and in the case of the church is exposed on the north side only, while on the other free sides it is plastered and painted.
The Saint Mary family, located in the heart of the town, is linked to the family epic of the Carloni family and to the great artistic flourishing of Intelvi Valley in the age of baroque and rococo. Originally from the fifteenth century, its original appearance, before the baroque transformations, is handed down to us by the description contained in the deeds of the pastoral visit of Bishop Felicino Ninguarda of 1593, but today only a few fragments of frescoes survive in this oldest phase. The current baroque face is the fruit of the commitment, over the course of more than fifty years, of various exponents of the Carloni family flanked by other local artistic workers.

 Square Carloni, Lanzo d’Intelvi (CO)

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