of Santa Margherita in Casargo

The Romanesque church of Santa Margherita a Somadino is the oldest in Valsassina and dates back to the 11th century.

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Church of Santa Margherita in Casargo

The small church dedicated to Santa Margherita is located at 907 meters above sea level just outside the town of Somadino in Alta Valsassina in the places where early medieval fortifications were located, on the road that connected the Val Casargo to Valtellina and the iron mines of Valvarrone already exploited in pre-Roman times.

This building has preserved the Romanesque structure over the centuries in a homogeneous way, especially in the apse, without undergoing the usual transformations of the other churches in the valley. It is believed that the construction can be placed between the end of the XI and the beginning of the XII century. The small oratory is already mentioned in 1266 by Goffredo di Bussero. Inside there is a cycle of frescoes, considered the oldest in the valley, interrupted by three decorated single-lancet windows.

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