Caves of Rescia

Very impressive, truly a spectacle of nature.

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Caves of Rescia

At the foot of the Intelvi Valley, on the slopes of Claino con Osteno, in a scenery between mountain and lake, are the Rescia Caves. The caves are a spectacle of nature that is more unique than rare. The action of water has carved out a series of voids in the travertine, depositing spectacular concretions.

Special features

The peculiarity of these caves is that they were formed inside cavities dug in travertine due to the constant dissolution of the limestone. Not very extensive, the seven Caves of Rescia are joined together by tunnels and stairs made since the beginning of the 1900s. An opening in the mountain leads to a world in the bowels of the earth. The Caves of Rescia represent a rarity on a national level for their uniqueness. One can find waterfalls, streams, stalactites and stalagmites dating back to millions of years ago. This gives the opportunity to experience the evolution of the earth up close. The path, of about 20 minutes, is illuminated, equipped with anti-slip and railings and is also suitable for families with children. Inside and along the entire route some signs explain the history and formation of the caves. These allow us to grasp many aspects that would otherwise go unnoticed.


According to some writings, since the beginning of the 18th century the Caves of Rescia were visited by tourists. They could be explored thanks to a local guide with a ladder and torch. Just past the entrance you find yourself in a surreal atmosphere, like in a fairy forest full of gnomes and fantastic animals. The caves, as a whole, offer a tourist route of about 500 meters. It is made up of steel steps and walkways, which unite all seven caves and branch out between the various rock formations. They make you arrive in front of a mirror of crystalline water in which a beautiful waterfall flows that flows from the belly of the rock.

The caves live

During the journey it is possible to closely observe the life of the cave. The caves are constantly growing and evolving. At the same time it is possible to observe the inactive part, that is the one that is now in a fossil state. Path not long and easy that untangles between stalactites and stalagmites, internal and external waterfalls and tunnels very beautiful to see. The Caves of Rescia can really be considered a wonder of nature. Their formation is due to the incessant action of water that has been working for over a hundred million years. Over the years, the action of water has carved out a series of voids in travertine, depositing spectacular concretions. The water forms ravines, tunnels and builds the famous stalactites and stalagmites due to the minerals transported.

When you come out of the Caves of Rescia you come across the majestic waterfall of 70 meters high. The Santa Giulia waterfall takes its name from the small church located on its summit where, in the 600s, the plague patients were brought.


Moreover, during the course of the year, on some occasions the structure hosts cultural events, photographic exhibitions and artistic installations. The visit is recommended with children during the Christmas period when the caves, thanks to the preparation done, turn into a fairy place. With the Christmas setting there is no corner that does not catch your attention. The caves are a small pearl in the Lombard tourist scene. It is a small naturalistic jewel to combine with the visit of Claino and his hamlets! It is located on Lake Lugano on the road to Porlezza. The whole is so romantic that it deserves to be visited by every lover of the landscape.

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