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Via S. Fedele, 42 – 22023 Castiglione D’Intelvi, CO Italiy

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Casa Olmi

From Venice to Lake Como Mara Cinel is the director of the B&B Casa Olmi, a historic house located in Valle D’Intelvi in the small hamlet of Montronio, a village with over 1000 years of history.

In July 2011 she met Omar Olmi in Venice, during the Rendentore festival, where she was invited to spend her holidays at his family’s summer house in Val d’Intelvi.

Mara’s discovery of the valley and Lake Como with its scents, places and beauties struck her, but what fascinated her most was Casa Olmi, a house dating back to 1807, as engraved on the entrance portal. With over 20 rooms, two gardens and a stone courtyard, Casa Olmi is the ideal place to set up a B&B and so Omar and Mara decided to open part of the house to the public.

Today, after several years of renovation, it has 4 rooms, an outbuilding, a shared kitchen and some outdoor areas such as garden, courtyard, bbq area, reading and relaxation areas. The structure is available to the customer for the booking of various services such as visits to villas and museums, E-Bike rental, boat rental, excursions, cooking classes, meditation, language courses, wine tasting, local cheeses and cold cuts, live music evenings and much more.

Since 2020, the hotel has offered a boat tour service on the lake, personally run by Omar Olmi with private boats, aperitifs, dinners and photo shoots on board

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