Carnival in Cantù

Exciting days those of the Carnival in Cantù.

Celebrations are not only in the Milan liturgy fat Saturday but also on the previous Sundays there are big parties. The largest allegorical wagons of Lombardy parades in the company of bands, folk groups and dance schools. Sounds, colors and lights welcome thousands of spectators from Lombardy, the Canton of Ticino and even further afield.

They are festive moments that allow the craftsmen of the wagons to revive each year the tradition of carnival carnival floats constructed by enhancing the art of papier-mache. Once the carnival wagons were the expression of city districts, of some large companies, of pubs or recreation centers, now the composition of the groups that make them is more varied, who maintains the name of the   districts are “Lisandrin” and “Amici di Fecchio “. Since 1949 the event has been held regularly every year.

And we are moving towards the century of documented tradition.The parade is opened by Truciolo’s wagon, Cantù‘s official mask. The largest allegorical wagons of Lombardy (dimensions: width 4/5 meters, length 10/14 meters, height up to 16 meters) parade through a circuit located in the city center, with a choreography that also includes the intervention of schools of dance. The 7 main wagons built by the now historic groups of Cantù are competing. They are involved in every show approx. 700 people including members of the “Associazione Carnevale canturino”. Spectators are part of the party and  many children and adults are masked. On the way there are plenty of stalls where you can buy pancakes, sweets, confetti and streamers. The numerous bars in the center offer places to rest and refresh. Numerous parking facilities and a shuttle bus service are available to reach the entrance points to the circuit easily.

More information can be found before and during the events on the website and on the Facebook and Instagram page.

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