Carlo Pizzi

Carlo Pizzi (1842-1909)

Carlo Pizzi, the most important landscape painter from Lecco, has left several paintings both of landscapes and flowers and of figures partly collected in the Civic Museums of Lecco.

Of modest family, he began to study alone with the help of the landscape architect V. Bianchi and Giovanni Bertarelli from Lecco. After entering Brera he had G. Fasanotti as his teacher and later L. Riccardi and R. Casnedi.
Active as a landscape architect, he was influenced by artists such as E. Gignous, his fellow student, and especially by the S. Poma from Como. With a preference for the views of the surroundings of Lecco, uncontaminated nature is the protagonist in its wild and luxuriant appearance, of which he painted several times the mountains and the lake, Mount Medale, the old customs at the port of Lecco and the landscape with waterfall.

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