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Carlo Mauri

The last Ulysses

Carlo Mauri is a well-known Italian mountaineer and explorer born in Lecco on 12 May 1930. There are numerous ascents along the Alpine arc, worthy of note is the first winter ascent of the “Via Cassin”. In 1956 he participated in an expedition organized by Alberto Maria De Agostini and reached the summit of Sarmiento Mount in Tierra del Fuego; two years later he took part in the expedition of Riccardo Cassin who took him to the summit of Gasherbrum IV with Walter Bonatti.

The explorer

In 1969 and later in 1970, with Thor Heyerdahl, he is part of the crew of the RA, a vessel entirely built in papyrus, with which it crosses the Atlantic Ocean. Later he ventures into the steppes of Asia, reaching Patagonia up to the Amazon. He died on May 31, 1982.

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