Capolinea Bistrot


Via Alessandro Volta, 68/70- Brunate, CO Italy

Tel. + 39 031364097

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Capolinea Bistrot

Typical cuisine of Como.

Born in 2013, Capolinea Bistrot is a restaurant in Brunate that offers a wide choice of typical Como cuisine dishes. The restaurant-pizzeria is family-run with Elena in the kitchen and Andrea in the dining area.

Professionalism and expertise are the company philosophy mainstays, in addition to the exclusive use of fresh and genuine products such as meat, cheese, cold cuts and lake fish, all carefully selected by our staff.

Capolinea Bistrot absolute specialty of are Brunate onion-made dishes: ancient origin recipes that reminds old-fashioned flavours. Capolinea Bistrot is also the seat of the namesake association.

What are you waiting for? Book a table now and enjoy the meal! Reservation is required.

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