Bellano is a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Como, enclosed between the rocks of the Grigne and the water of the Lario and crossed by the icy waters of the Pioverna.

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Bellano is located on the eastern shore of the Lario just north of the tip of Bellagio, in a position that allows control of the Valsassina outlet.

The first historical traces of Bellano date back to Roman burials. It is cut in two parts by the Pioverna torrent which, near the mouth, forms the Orrido, a natural gorge created by the river whose waters, over the centuries, have modeled gigantic potholes and suggestive caves. The gloomy ravines, the dark rumble of the tumultuous waters that have inspired many writers, have made the Orrido the most famous tourist resort of the Lario.

The Cà del diaol evokes satanic fears and rituals in the collective imagination, making the mysterious charm of the place palpable. A concrete walkway allows the visitor to admire the beauty of a truly unique place.

Where is it

Bellano is located in the center of the famous Sentiero del Viandante, the ancient mule track dating back to the Roman period that runs along the eastern coast of Lake Como, renowned for the wise balance between human activity and nature. Agglomerations of rustic stone houses are discovered, the ruins of old mills, castles, countless chapels and mountain churches, terraces planted with vines and olive trees. The ancient road connects the many historical centers and hamlets of the valleys. Many hiking enthusiasts travel in stages, savoring moments of escape, immersed in an environment with beautiful views that unite the lake to the sky.

A not-to-be-missed event during the Christmas holidays is the Pesa Vegia, an event with over 400 years of history behind it that every year on 5 January returns to its visitors, renewing itself and keeping its legend and magic unchanged.

Do not miss a visit to the ca ’of radio vecc, a museum exhibition of gramophones and old radios.


Bellano experienced dramatic events throughout history, the armies that from Valtellina wanted to reach the Po valley along the Valsassina passed to the north to Bellano and south to Lecco. Around Bellano clashes occurred during the wars between Como and Milan (12th century), between the Visconti and Venice (1447), between the Medeghino and the Sforza (16th century) and during the passage of the Lanzichenecchi plague bearers (1628 ). For centuries the port of Bellano was the largest and most important of all the Lario. The most illustrious son of Bellano is Tommaso Grossi (1790-1853), known for his historical novels: Marco Visconti and I Lombardi at the First Crusade and for the esteem that Alessandro Manzoni had of him. Among the contemporary characters we cannot forget the writer Andrea Vitali born in the village in 1956, winner of the Bancarella prize with the novel La figlia del Podestà. Bellano is a cultural center of first order, here every year the municipality organizes an opera festival that in August attracts hundreds of spectators.

There are numerous churches in the hamlets scattered over the hills: the oldest temple is San Nicolao (13th century), now deconsecrated and used for exhibitions and cultural events, following the Parish Church of Saints Nazaro and Celso with its Gothic black and white facade, built in 1348 by Giovanni Ugo di Campione and architects from Valle d’Intelvi. Bellano is an excellent starting point for many trips in Valsassina and in the Valle di Vendrogno, surrounded by the cliffs of the Northern Grigna.

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