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Called the “Pearl of the Valsassina”, today it is able to offer tourists at any time of the year excellent opportunities for leisure activities. There is a wide range of proposals ranging from the possibility of practicing any type of sport, winter or otherwise, to taking walks, relaxing in the green of nature, to the opportunity to attend sporting, cultural or entertainment events, many of which a certain resonance, which are organized to make the stay in Barzio pleasant and attractive.

Always linked to the historical events of the Valley, it experienced a significant presence of Celtic settlements. Many and significant archaeological finds have been discovered, including a funeral kit for a Celtic warrior dating back to the 4th century. B.C. In more recent times Barzio has seen the rise of the ancient and noble Manzoni family who moved to Barzio from the neighboring Bergamo area during the 16th century. Today it is possible to admire some of the manor houses built over the centuries by the various branches of the family including “Palazzo Manzoni”, a late seventeenth-century palace now municipal seat and of the Library, where the Manzoni lived from whom the great writer Alessandro descended.

Economical progress

The economic development of the town came about thanks to its particular position being located at the point of convergence of most of the Valtorta and Valtaleggio cheese production. In the course of the centuries in Barzio herds of herds also assumed importance, thanks to the numerous and rich pastures that framed the town and the grassy slopes, which still characterize the Piani di Bobbio. The small peasant village at the beginning of the 1900s then experienced a social-economic evolution mainly based on tourism.

Barzio is the main summer resort and winter sports resort of Valsassina. Its historic center still preserves villas and old houses alongside old restored farmhouses and from the main square you can enjoy an enchanting view of the Grigne group.

barzioThe Valsassina despite the many invasions suffered has managed to preserve an artistic heritage of immense value that is found in the many churches scattered throughout its territory. Almost all the works of art are well preserved, demonstrating how attentive these mountain people are to defend and maintain culture and traditions.
This land has given birth to writers, poets and storytellers and artists, recognized worldwide, who have been able to describe the life and beauty of this valley with great humanity.

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