Bar Roma


Piazza Roma, 37 – 23826, Mandello del Lario, LC Italy

Tel. +39 0341732350

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Bar Roma

Enjoy a tasty sandwich while sipping a special beer? Can!!!

Bar Roma is the sandwich shop and historical brewery of Mandello del Lario, is located in one of the most picturesque squares in the country … a stone’s throw from the lake and behind the arcades that offer a breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains.

At Bar Roma you can enjoy your lunch break or an excellent dinner with friends: the list offers sandwiches, piadina, focaccia, crisps … and a great variety of beers to satisfy all tastes, even the most demanding!

If you have not yet tasted the flavors of Bar Roma, I would say that the time has come! Marco and the staff are waiting for you at Mandello del Lario in Roma 37 Square.

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